October & November 2019


It's fall time and I am feeding the bees inside the top boxes with 2:1 sugar water.



Twice during the month of October, about 10 days apart, I arrived at the bee yard to discover the top box of this hive had been pushed over (as in the photo).  My hives are located in the woods on private property, behind a wall and are not easy to find.  Some animal must be trying to get to the sugar water or honey inside the hive.  After finding my hive like this and worrying that an animal might tip over the entire hive, I started using ratchet straps (see below) and the problem has not occurred since.



This is my setup for getting through the winter.  The top, white boxes are quilt boxes full of pine shavings to help with moisture condensation and to keep the bees warm.

Built Pro-Line tough.  These boots are from my fourth year, large animal clinical rotations during vet school.  I never used them again until I started beekeeping.  It's not so much the bees that they are helpful with; I wear them because they help prevent ticks from climbing up my pants.

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