August & September 2019


There are some vegetables (i.e. squash, zucchini, cucumber) that require pollination.


It's hot out!  The bees are washboarding and starting to beard.


By the fall time, the bees had filled up all the empty frames in a double deep 10-frame hive with comb, honey, nectar, pollen and brood.  For first-year beekeepers, harvesting all of the honey frames is not recommended because the bees need internal stores of honey within the hive to consume throughout the winter.  I did take one fully capped frame from each hive and harvested it (still leaving the bees plenty of honey to get through the winter).  I used the crush and strain method which is easy to do at home and does not require a fancy extractor.  Notice the dark areas on this frame?  That's pollen!  The honey was amazing. 

Honey Harvest 2019



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